Friday, September 25, 2009

Safe Step Stools for Little People

Little people have special needs in our big world. Being able to use a safe step stool that works at home or work can be a big problem because they usually need help up to a counter. If you drive a truck or some type of Sport Utility Vehicle, your little friends will definitely need a step stool to get in your vehicle.

Some step stools fold to store easily and some step stools are very light-weight (and small). So which step stool is right for little people?

Let’s look at the differences, the folding step stools do as the name implies, they fold up to store easily. The folding step stool usually has 2 or more steps, and when it’s open to stand on, takes up quite a bit of room or floor space. So the folding step stool wouldn’t make a good choice where space is tight. If you have to reach over or turn around a lot in one place this type of step stool just isn’t going to work very well.

Safe step stools that look like large platforms, think Coke crate or milk crate, perform much better where space is limited. This type of step stool can be very useful if the little person is going to be doing a lot of repetitious chores like standing at a cash register in a store or chopping vegetables on a home countertop. This type of step stool can also make the little person’s kitchen much friendlier to use. The drawback is that this platform type step stool has to be the correct height to be useful. Otherwise you’d be better of with a folding step stool that has 2 or more steps.

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